Secure Your Business Information

The importance of displaying correct information

Let's Try a Brief Experiment

1. Take a Look at the Following Images

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 9.04.21 AM

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 9.04.40 AM

2. Ask Yourself the Following Questions

  • Would I choose to go to Cafe 21 University Heights if they didn't have an address listed?
  • Would I order takeout from Mauricio's Restaurants if they had an incorrect phone number listed?
  • Would I choose to go back to Cueva Bar if they were closed even though it said on Google that they were open?
  • Would I go to any of these restaurants if they all had an average 1-star review rating?

The answer to all four of those questions for most consumers is "probably not." The standards for business have been raised to new heights. One small error could be catastrophic to your business if left unchanged.

This is an example of how fast potential customers are making decisions, and it's not just for restaurants. Nearly every market requires an airtight online presence in order to thrive.

How to Make Sure That Everything's Correct

  1. Go to and sign in with the proper email address. (Not sure if you already have a Google My Business? Check out this article)
  2. Click where it says "Info" on the left side of your GMB page
  3. Carefully go through each piece of information and make sure that it's all correct

How GoSite Helps

By using your GoSite dashboard or Android/iOS App, you can make sure that all of your business info is 100% up to date. Using your dashboard/app is much more preferable to managing your GMB page directly, because we send out your proper business info to the top 60-70 online ranking sites (including Google and Facebook). Rather than keeping track of multiple profiles, enjoy managing all of them from one place!

Not only does GoSite help you manage dozens of online profiles at the same time, it keeps them safe from other people trying to edit them with incorrect information. GoSite's servers ping all your profiles 1400 times a day in order to keep everything consistent.