How to Adjust Your SMS Review Template

Learn about how to set personalized templates for your SMS review requests to ensure you are delivering a thoughtful message to your customers.

How to Adjust your SMS Review Template

1. First, log in to your Dashboard on a computer and then click on your icon in the upper right hand corner.


2. Once there, select Account Settings.


3. Once on your Account Settings page, scroll down and click on Messenger.


4. Once in the Messenger Tab, simply select Add Template at the bottom.


5. Add in your Template Name and then add in the Text you would like to have your clients see when you send them your SMS Review Request! Then press Update Settings to save your changes.


6. Now Click on Reviews and then Click on the Arrow in the upper right side.


7. Once here you will see the screen pictured below, then type in your Client’s Number, Select your Template, and then press Send SMS.


Once you press send, your client will receive the message and be able to leave a review! Click here to learn more about Reviews.