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Has Your Website been "Blocked from Automatically Starting a Call?"

Here's how to know if you've been running too many test calls for your website.


If you try calling your business and the above message appears on your iPhone, it has nothing to do with your business or website. It just means that you’re running too many test calls. Test calls are important because they allow you to go to the mobile version of your website to see whether the call button works; However, running too many can result in your website being blocked, but don’t worry, the solution is quite simple!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • If you select a phone number while browsing on your iPhone, the options to either “Call” or “Cancel” will normally appear.
  • If you “Cancel” 3 calls within a certain timeframe, your iPhone’s Safari app will start to think that the website is pushing out unwanted call requests.
  • If this error message appears, all you need to do is press “Allow Call” and it will reset the 3-call counter

And that’s it!